Yoga North London


How long have you been practicing Yoga? How did your journey begin?

I was 30 when I first stepped onto a mat, that was January 2018. You can read my story here !

What kind of Yoga do you teach?

Whilst my training is Ashtanga Vinyasa, I predominitely teach Vinyasa. The traditional foundations of Ashtanga will always be embed in my teachings. Gentle and Restorative Yoga is a deep passion of mine and probably a class I most enjoy teaching as it allows me to truly connect Heart, Mind and Body. I have a strong understanding of the human body anatomy allowing me to offer a well balanced, safe and playful practice. I believe being inspired by meaningful sequences and themes are essential to infusing purpose and intention.

Where are you based?

Enfield, London

Do you teach private Yoga Lessons?

Yes, I do. I believe that this type of lesson is the best way to address specific needs, medical or emotional, perhaps even working on a specific pose or inversion. What ever your reason I believe private lessons allow you to build a practice suitable and tailor made exactly for you. Whilst I offer private lessons in studio I am also available to travel within a certain distance to the comfort of your own home. Private lessons are very special and I believe part of this is the connection you share with your teacher which can only be found in person, therefore I decided it would be best practice for my students not to teach these online.

What kind of Yoga do you practice?

I aim trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa, however I try and practice many styles. Often I attend classes in studio or of teachers I am inspired by; each with their own interpretation of Yoga. My personal practice is Vinyasa Flow. Vinyasa Flow allows us to be creative and explore the unlimited possibilities through free movement. Personally, I love practicing Yin and Mandala. Both of these are explored through the energy sources known as Chakras as well as the 5 elements of life. I love the freedom Vinyasa yoga provides by exploring intuitive flow, through mind-body connection. Mandala is a style of VInyasa. Yin is a much slower practice, incorporating props and allowing the body to soften in each pose for a few minutes, allowing the mind to remove itself from the many restraints of the modern day society.

Where can I find your online Yoga classes

All classes can be accessed here! You can also follow my instagram page to stay in the loop

Where do I begin?

Whether you are new to Yoga or have attended previous classes at a studio or online. Everyone is welcome to book a free class with me to see if we are a great fit. You can do this here !