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Hi, I am Chantelle. A certified Yoga Instructor based in North London. 

Having first stepped onto a mat at the age of 30 after having had 2 of the best gifts life has to offer, our beautiful boys age 5 and 3. I had no expectation other than I wanted to feel physically and emotionally better about myself. Motherhood has been the most rewarding experience, however it is also one we as mothers often loose our identities in. I can honestly say I believe Yoga brings about an essence of balance and calm. In a world where we are always ploughing head first towards it, we need this.


A year on I decided to dive deeper into my personal understanding of yoga, this is when I signed up to RYT 200 training through Yoga London. The course alone changed me profoundly and impacted the way of my and my families lives immensely in a positive way.


It brings me great joy being able to share the benefits of yoga both physically and mentally with my family and friends and now my students. I will forever remain a student and continue to be inspired by others, but nothing is more inspiring than seeing my students evolve and develop new passions through their own personal practice. Watching and listening to their stories before and after class brings a sense of “Magic” being created around us. 


I would love to share these experiences with you at one of my classes or in a private lesson. Hopefully you may to discover your own journey and the benefits this may bring to your life.

Yoga Studio North London

“Omgosh I am so happy for giving Yoga another chance, I had written it off thinking it wasn’t for me. Concentrating instead on running, but definitely feeling that I wanted to compliment the severity of this form of exercise with a stretching class of some sort. Since meeting Chantelle and guided by her in the Slow Flow sessions there has been a very definite shift in my running stance. In fact I am benefiting generally from the depth of the stretches we achieve, feeling my strength building. So after all it was about meeting the right instructor.”


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Phone: +44 78 2105 4683

Studio located in Enfield, EN2 7LW

North London, England, UK

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